Monday, October 13, 2014

Pickles + Jam

bread and butter pickles

Pickles + Jam. 
Quite the combination, I'd say! Well, it wasn't exactly planned that way... Besides putting up fresh produce from the garden, I had an abundance of cucumbers from my last bountiful basket. So I decided to make some bread and butter pickles. That was yesterday's project. 

plum jam

And then a couple nights before, I decided to make some plum jam from all the plums I had. Boy, am I glad I did! It is y u m m y if I do say so myself! 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 
Enjoy your week and I'll check in again soon. ~ samos

Friday, October 3, 2014


Appaloosa LoVe

I've loved horses since I was a little girl. I remember asking my parents for one for every birthday and Christmas until they finally gave in. My first horse was Gypsum, a short but stalky bay. We spent a lot of time together, that horse and I. You see, we didn't live on a ranch or a farm. Dad built a beautiful home on the outskirts of town, but we were still in the city limits. So we had to keep Gypsum somewhere else. Dad leased some pasture from Mr. Paquette that lived up the  highway. Gypsum came to us in February. Actually it was Valentine's Day if I remember correctly. Anyways, when summer came, I would sneak out of the house about 6 every morning and ride my bike about two miles to where Gypsum was. I'd catch her, groom and saddle her up and a way we'd go. My best friend lived on county road 140, so we'd head that way to see if she wanted to ride. More than not, she did and we'd ride all day...Ah, the memories...

Besides the love of horses is my love for art. I was always drawing and drawing horses was no exception. To this day, I still enjoy painting them. And lately, I've done quite a few. Here are a few of my latest works, I'm sure you've seen some of them, but I felt like sharing again. 

Qianili Ma

Painted Horse 

the Run

Running Free

Warrior Paint

Hope you all had a wonderful week and enjoy your weekend! ~ samos

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


transformations © samos 

the beginning of a new abstract

I've been painting abstracts since high school. I remember Mr. Farney, my art teacher, teasing me sometimes by asking what I was smoking. Of course, I wasn't smoking anything! I just like being different in what I created. And looking back, I am indebted and most grateful to my teacher for the independence he gave me in his class. I was able to explore my creativity without limits.

Today, I'm still painting abstracts. They have evolved quite a bit from my younger years, but I still enjoy painting them. 

I was reading a post earlier on the Mind, Body, Green blog by Susie Moore. She talks about unleashing your creativity and it inspired me to dig into my stash of older unfinished works and break out the paints. 

It's not unusual for me to do this. Especially when I feel like painting and don't have the right size canvas that I really need.

I also decided to do something a bit different in my approach to working this particular painting. First I took a picture of it and then started adding different filters in Photoshop. I found one I liked and started to paint. I won't make the painting look exactly like the image I manipulated, but it has given me a direction that I wouldn't have normally taken.  

in progress...


Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Book Review: The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau

The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau

If you haven't heard of Chris Guillebeau, you have now. He is a world traveler (been to 193 countries before he was 35 years old), an accomplished writer (The Art of Non-Conformity, the $100 Startup and The Happiness of Pursuit), blogger and head of the WDS(World Domination Summit). 

I am just finishing his third book, The Happiness of Pursuit which is about finding a quest that brings purpose to your life. In his book, Chris talks about his travels and delivers the stories of other adventurous people and their quests. Sasha from Tulsa cooked a meal from every country taking her a total of 195 weeks. Josh is on a quest to visit every baseball stadium in the country. And almost 30 years later, a magnificent symphony was played in Brisbane, Australia. 

This is only a glimpse of what Guillebeau has to share in his new book. If I were you, I'd grab my copy now! Chris is traveling to 40 cities promoting his book and I'm excited to see him once again at the Tattered Cover Bookstore in Highlands Ranch. If you're in the area, stop by!